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These days more and more forex signals are being provided via Telegram, the messenger app.

Indeed, we would say that the vast majority of forex signal services we review these days are run on Telegram.

It has numerous advantages – instant notifications on your phone or desktop when a signal is posted; the ability to post pictures and graphs; enabling interaction and discussion between members; end-to-end encryption – and much more.

There are almost countless forex Telegram services these days, with new ones popping up seemingly every day. But how do you tell the good ones from the bad?

Well fortunately that is where we come in here at Trade Stocks & Forex – we run full, live tests of forex signals services, recording their trading results in full so you can see for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

Through our testing we have found some top forex Telegram groups and we list the best ones we have found below.


What to Watch Out for With Forex Telegram Groups

Before we get on to looking at the best forex groups on Telegram, a quick word about watch out for.

Although the forex space is full of scams and poor quality services in general, Telegram does seem to be particularly bad for it. Often if you have signed up to one or more forex Telegram groups, you will be contacted by some random person inviting you to another group, completely unsolicited.

The rule of thumb is just to completely ignore such requests and leave the group or delete the chat. You may even wish to report them as spammers. The vast majority of these are just people trying to get you to part with your money and not genuine services.

If you have joined a proper Telegram group though of the type we list below, it’s a good idea to have notifications turned on so your phone alerts you when there is a trade. This can work better with some services than others however depending on how many times they post, which is something we tackle in more depth below.


Best Forex Signal Telegram Groups

Okay so let’s get on with looking at the best Telegram groups for forex signals. In assessing the options, we look at a range of factors including:-

  • Profitability – does the group have a track record of making a profit?
  • Trustworthiness – it is an honest site, with published results or does it embellish results?
  • Usability – is it easy to follow?
  • Cost – are the costs of following the signals reasonable?

Taking these factors together plus others we then give the service a ranking and determine if it is worthy of inclusion on our list.

Anyway, let’s take a look at our top six forex Telegram groups below, in descending order from six to one.


6. Learn 2 Trade VIP

At number six is popular Telegram group Learn 2 Trade VIP. This is a group with over 4,400 members at the time of writing and is one of the better-known trading rooms out there.

Learn 2 Trade is a wide-ranging trading site featuring not just forex signals but also cryptocurrency signals, forex funded accounts, forex courses and more. Their main VIP trading group provides 2-3 forex signals per day focused on the major currency pairs but also commodities like gold and oil and also indices like the Nasdaq and FTSE.

They also include analysis of their trades in the Telegram group, explaining their setups with charts and even videos:

In terms of the trades themselves, these normally come with an entry price, stop loss and then one or two take profit targets (TP1 & TP2).

They also include a recommended risk level and signal validity period. Most of them are good until cancelled but there are often updates to close them before the stop loss or take profit are hit.

There are also news updates and promos for their services like their cryptocurrency signal group or their courses.

As we commented in our review of Learn 2 Trade, we would prefer if they just stuck to the signals in the group as having all these updates makes it a tad difficult to follow. If you have notifications turned on you will receive numerous alerts during the day, many of which are not relevant and it can become a little annoying.

In terms of profitability, in our own trial the signals made a small profit of 54 pips, which isn’t bad but didn’t set the world alight either. There are no results published on their website or tracked via a third party site like myfxbook so it’s not possible to know their full results history.

Overall though Learn 2 Trade is a good service with lots of research tools, education and solid enough signals in their Telegram group, so is worth checking out at least.



5. 1000 Pip Builder

Next up we have a forex signals group which has over 600 members at the time of writing and that is 1000 Pip Builder.

Run by a guy called Bob James who used to work for a leading financial institution in London, 1000 Pip Builder is a long-running service with a sound reputation.

It is a straightforward forex signals service without the unnecessary fluff and noise you can get on some other Telegram groups. Bob just provides the signals, with an entry price, stop loss and then normally three profit targets – minimum, base and maximum.

On all the alerts Bob likes to remind members that the signals are not investment advice nor a general recommendation.

He also uses the terminology of “Long/Short” rather than “Buy/Sell,” as he says that is what professionals traders use.

Previously there were often updates in the Telegram group to close trades early, although now Bob tends to let them run to hit either the profit targets or stop losses.

Although updates are normally provided when one of the levels has been hit:


During our own review of the forex signals, they made a decent profit of 177 pips. However, those were the official results and we found it difficult to match the entry prices given in the alerts, even when we had our broker account open and went straight to place the trade. So in reality our results were not quite as good as the official ones.

There are normally just 1-2 trades per day on average which makes it a fairly easy service to follow and as we say there is no extraneous information like analysis, news or adverts for other services on the Telegram group, which is good and means you can have notifications set up and will just receive relevant alerts.

As a solid, no-nonsense Telegram group then with decent results, 1000 Pip Builder is well worth taking a look at.



4. AFX Trades

Next up we have a more niche Telegram group but one that is even more no-nonsense than 1000 Pip Builder and that is AFX Trades.

This is a service that doesn’t have a website at the moment so is more of a private service by invitation. However it is a genuine group and one we have been following for quite some time.

It is very low-volume, with often just one or two trades per week.

Quite a variety of forex pairs are used including the major pairs like EURGBP and USDCAD as well as some of the minor ones such as AUDCHF and GBPNZD.

The alerts themselves are pretty simple too, with just an entry price, stop loss and take profit target (quoted in price terms and in pips away from the entry price, which is useful if your broker works that way):

There are sometimes warnings when a trade may be coming with notifications like “trade close to criteria” or “trade pending” which is helpful.

They also have a full list of trading results pinned to the top of the group which is really good to see, although it isn’t quite up to date so ideally we would like to see it regularly updated. At the last update it was showing over 1,000 pips profit in total which is obviously very good.

Other than updates when a trade has won or lost, that is it really. So a very simple Telegram channel to follow. As we say it really is no-nonsense.

If you would like further details about the AFX Telegram group please drop us a line at



3. Forex Lens

Forex Lens is a currency trading service providing signals, a trading room and Forex education. Their forex signals are provided via the Telegram messenger app and there are multiple groups, each for a different forex trader.

Their main traders are the Institute Trader, Price Action Trading (known as “RP Forex”) and Supply and Demand Trading. Each has their own style and approach to forex trading, with different setups and levels of risk.

The RP Forex signals take a traditional approach with a straightforward notification with an entry price, stop loss and three take profit targets.

The Institute Trader tends to provide a video walk-through of their signals, with the Telegram group providing a link to

Quite a lot of the content on Forex Lens actually happens away from Telegram and is on Discord, which isn’t ideal in our view to have it spread across different forums. However, the Telegram rooms themselves are functional and the results of their signals are good.

In our live trial of the RP Forex signals, they produced a profit 419 pips for the official results, with our actual results being around 200 pips in profit.

The trade success rate was high at 70% and we found it reasonably manageable to follow with 4 or 5 trades per week, although some were in the middle of the night our time.

It is quite a comprehensive service with a lot of education on forex and detailed analysis of the markets and the setups of their trades, which we like to see.

So if that is what you’re after then Forex Lens is well worth checking out, although as we say not all the content is provided directly in their Telegram channels.



2. Andy W’s Forex Signals

One of the top forex Telegram trading groups is Andy W’s Forex Signals. This is an established forex signals service that has been running for over seven years and has an impressive track record built up in that time.

Andy primarily trades on a small number of forex pairs – EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCAD. There is normally one trade in the morning (European time) and one in the afternoon to cover the London and New York sessions. That makes it a pretty easy service to follow.

The signals provided in the Telegram group are pretty straightforward, with a five-minute warning normally when a signal is about to be posted.

Then the signals come with an entry price, stop loss and just one take profit target:

Generally the stop loss and take profit levels are pretty tight, at between 30 and 60 pips on most occasions. Andy updates the group with the results of each trade.

There is also the occasional analysis of a recent run of results, usually towards the end of the week:

We ran our own review of Andy’s Telegram signals and they produced an impressive 416 pips profit on the official results and 299 pips profit on our own results. That equated to $1495 profit at $5/pip.

In total Andy’s reported results show a profit of over 14,000 pips. Although we haven’t verified those results going back over six years, there are some reviews elsewhere suggesting they are genuine.

In any event, in our own experience we found the Telegram group to be easy to follow and the signals were profitable during our review. We have continued to track them and they have maintained their strong performance.

Overall then we think Andy W’s Forex Signals is one of the best Telegram forex signals groups out there.



1. FX Profit Signals

The number one forex signals Telegram group we have come across through our extensive research and testing is the excellent FX Profit Signals.

They offer a mixture of free and paid forex signals. The paid signals come in two types – VIP and Platinum. The Platinum signals consist of 1-2 trades per day normally whilst the VIP signals consist of more like 3-5 trades per day.

The signals are normally sent out mid-morning (European time) and are accompanied by a graph explaining the technical setup for the trade. Each signal comes with an entry level, stop loss and three profit targets:


Generally these are swing trades with big stop losses and take profits 70-150 pips away so they can take a few days or even weeks in some cases to complete. Whilst most of the signals are on the major currency pairs, there also signals for commodities including gold, silver and oil.

There are also a small number of trades with larger stop losses and TP levels, but smaller lot sizes could be used for those if you did not want an outsize level of risk of those compared to the regular trades.

In our own live test of FX Profit Signals, they made an impressive profit of 937 pips on the open trades and 1800 pips on the open trades (largely made up of two oil trades which did very well). So in total that would be 2737 pips or $13,685 profit.

In terms of the Telegram group itself, they generally stick to just the signals but there are occasional news updates or an advert for one of their other services. Overall though it’s a pretty straightforward service to follow. We like that they provide technical analysis for their trades so you can see what the rationale for the trades is.

Together with the excellent results they produced during our trial then, that is why FX Profit Signals comes top of our rankings for the Best Forex Signals Telegram Group.




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