Town Star

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We remarked recently that we were starting to delve into the world of play-to-earn games. This is a relatively new phenomenon that has emerged in the cryptocurrency sphere and allows you to play video games and earn tokens from doing so.

It sounds pretty amazing and although yet to break into the mainstream, that time is surely coming soon with major players like Ubisoft announcing they would be entering the fold.

One of the key features of this new generation of play-to-earn games is the use of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) within the games.

These relate to the in-game items – like swords, shields, armour etc that you can purchase in a video game to improve your characters’ performance.

Where as previously you did not own those items though and they belonged to the gaming company, now with NFTs you actually own the item outright. Ownership is provable on the blockchain and means the items cannot be copied, forged or faked.

It has opened up a revolution in gaming but also an opportunity to earn an additional income from playing games. Some people are even apparently playing these games for a living!

Whilst we’re not sure that is entirely wise, certainly the opportunity to make some additional revenue is intriguing enough to give some of these new play-to-earn games a try.

So in that vein we are starting a new review today of a play-to-earn game called Town Star. It comes from Gala Games, who have been one of the pioneers of these new play-to-earn games.

Town Star is a lot like Farmville if you are familiar with that game – and in fact it was invented by the same people.

Essentially it is a game where you build up your own farm and town, make goods and sell them to other towns.

You can earn in-game currency – the “Town Coin” – by completing certain asks – or even it seems just by owning NFTs and placing them within the game.

We have just signed up and been having a little play and it is a fun game to play for sure. What we are more interested in of course is the potential for earning Town Coin and how much you can realistically make per week/month.

That is something we will investigate as we get more involved and understand more about how it all works. We will report back soon when we have further details.

In the meantime you can check out Gala Games (including Town Star) here. 



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