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iHub Global is an internet of things (IOT) based platform that allows you to mine cryptocurrency from a modem-like device (called a “Hotspot”).

This is just a quick update to say that despite ordering our Hotspot two months ago, we still haven’t received it yet. We have enquired as to how long it might be, but we understand they have a big backlog so it may take some time.

There isn’t much else to report as the service is all about the Hotspot and being able to mine cryptocurrency with it.

We will of course update you again as soon as we have some developments but in the meantime all we can do really is sit tight and hope it arrives soon.




iHub Global – New Review

29th July 2021

We have something a little different for you today.

We are starting a new review of a service called iHub Global. This is an internet of things (IOT) based platform that allows you to mine cryptocurrency from a modem-like device (called a “Hotspot”).

What is interesting is that they are giving away the Hotspots for free. So all you have to do is order one, set it up in your home and let it mine the native cryptocurrency – called the Helium Token (HNT).

Now at this stage it’s very difficult to know how much HNT you might actually earn. Apparently it depends on where you live and can vary widely. So we will just have to test it out and see what kind of results we get.

iHub Global say that the Hotspot only uses about the same amount of electricity as an LED light bulb (5W), so isn’t very energy intensive. There is a mobile app to manage it so in theory it sounds pretty straightforward.

At the same time, they claim the Hotspot uses very little data, and nearly zero compared to other similar devices that are consuming hundreds of GBs per month.

The Hotspot uses data to:

  • Maintain a view of the global Helium Network
  • ​Send and receive data packets for sensors that are in range and using your piece of the Helium Network

In both instances, the total amount of data usage is apparently extremely small and will never affect your network quality.

The idea of the Helium network itself is that it will be the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network providing a secure and cost-effective way for low-power Internet of Things devices to send data to and from the Internet.

So that’s the idea of it in a nutshell, as we say it seems worth giving a go for free and seeing what happens. Hopefully it will work as they say and not involve any security risks or anything like that!

We have ordered one of the Hotspots but there is no indication of delivery time. Once we have received it and have it set up and running we will update things here.

In the meantime you can check out iHub Global for yourself here.



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