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We are starting a new review today of a very interesting service called The Speculative Investor.

This is a long-running service having been going since 2000 and the advice is provided by a guy called Steve Saville.

He provides stocks selections and market analysis, with a focus on gold, commodities, stock and bond markets, as well as information about macro-economics. The service is based on the “Austrian School” of economics, which Mr Saville says is the “only school of economics based on correct premises.”

The nature of the service – as the name suggests and Steve himself acknowledges – is to pick speculative stocks. This means the service might not be for everyone and there are going to be some picks that fail badly. Indeed there are some picks in his records that have fallen 100%.

However, on the flip side there have been some huge gainers, with some picks having gone up over 600% and one even up over 1000%. So in short it will be quite a wild ride following this service and it is not one for the faint-hearted.

Importantly though, the average gain of the trades since inception of the service is 34.2% according to the results published on the website, which if accurate is an excellent level of return.

The average holding time of the selections is 381 days, so just over a year.

There are also some options trades and ETFs as well as straightforward stock picks, so it is a little more complicated to follow than some of the other services we have reviewed here. Hopefully though it will be manageable to follow in any event.

So this looks like a very interesting service and one we are looking forward to taking a look at. As ever we will update results here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out The Speculative Investor for yourself here.



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