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Today we are starting a new review of a stocks and cryptocurrency service called the Elite Investing Club by Diego.

In actual fact, this is something of a continuation of a previous review – in part anyway – of JK Diego’s Cryptocurrency Consulting Program, which you can check out here.

Diego has decided to close that service and introduce this new one at a much more affordable price point and to expand it to both stocks and crypto rather than just the latter.

If you followed our original review you will know that the results of the Crypto Consulting Program were excellent, with the starting capital of $5,000 growing to more than $37,000 over the course of less than 18 months – pretty awesome stuff to say the least!

This new service is along the same lines in terms of the philosophy, with a long-term buy and hold strategy being employed.

Diego will be picking high-conviction stocks and cryptos that he believes have future trillion dollar potential.

In terms of the stock picks, these will be focused on technology and healthcare, which Diego believes has great potential in the coming decades. The crypto picks will be focused on promising blockchain and crypto projects.

How the service works is that upon joining you will receive the “Elite Starter Pack” which are the bedrock picks for the portfolio.

Then each month there are the Monthly Top Picks which are the best monthly opportunities. The aim is for three picks per month – two stocks and one crypto.

As mentioned, the costs of this are much more affordable, with the joining fee set at $350 per year but with a special offer of only 197 USD for the first 50 members OR until 31st Dec 2021 (whichever comes first).

We will record results as we go along as usual here, although this is a long-term service so will need to be a long-term review as well.

In the meantime though you can check out the Elite Investing Club by Diego here.






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