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We have completed our review of Beat the Market Analyzer Wealth Builders’ Club and here are the final results:


Profit/Loss:    $5430
Trade Success Rate:    98%
Bank Growth:    54%
Cost:   $14 for first 14 days, then $47 per month 
Average number of picks:    2 per month 
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

You can view full results here


Beat the Market Analyzer – Full Review

Beat the Market Analyzer Wealth Builders’ Club (or BTMA for short) is a stock-picking service which aims to achieve long-term returns through well-researched investments. The service is operated by a stockmarket expert called Grant Gigliotti.

As a member, you receive detailed analysis of a large number of stocks in the form of spreadsheets and PDFs. Within these, the top picks are highlighted, plus those to consider.

You can see that a great deal of work goes into the service and the information you receive on the stocks is impressive.

Here is Grant himself explaining more about the service:

The service does very much what Grant promises in the video: it provides incredibly detailed information about stocks, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and setting out Grant’s view on them. For example Grant will send a detailed PDF about a stock he is considering buying, with around 12 pages of analysis on all aspects of the stock. The quality of the analysis is high and is fundamentals-based, looking at financial and statistical data.

In addition to detailed analysis of individual stocks, Grant also provides color-coded spreadsheets of all the stocks in various indexes, including:-

  • The Nasdaq Composite Index
  • The Wilshire 500
  • The S&P 400 mid-caps

These spreadsheets analyse the stocks by key metrics such as EPS, share price growth, return on equity, gross margin and a whole host of other criteria. All this information is fed into Grant’s overall score for the stock and if it ranks highly enough – but importantly, is also considered a “bargain” under Grant’s system – then it is suggested as a potential buy. For ease of reference stocks are highlighted in yellow for a possible buy and green for those that match the criteria for a buy.

In addition to these spreadsheets on the above indexes, Grant also provides an analysis of the “Best Dividend Stocks” which are also ranked on a color-coded spreadsheet.

One more recent addition we like is that there is now a “Stock Success Stories” document that is shared with members where people can record their returns using the service. You can see a number of members are clearly doing very well using BTMA!

All in all it’s amazing to be getting all this top-quality information for just a relatively small monthly membership fee and it’s great to see someone really putting the time and effort into producing a genuine, high quality service when there are so many stockmarket and forex-related scams and rip-offs out there.



Of course, all that information wouldn’t really matter if the results of the service weren’t up to scratch, so let’s take a look at the all-important returns of Beat the Market Analyzer (BTMA).

We have been members of this service since way back in 2017 so have recorded results from then, which gives a really good long-term view of the service and how it has performed over the course of more than three years.

Before we get into looking the results in detail however, it is worth noting that there are different ways you can follow BTMA and Grant is not formally recommending that you pick certain stocks, he is just providing information that you can use to make your own decisions.

That being said, the most obvious approach to following the service for us was to pick the stocks purchased by Grant himself, which he reports in his e-mails. If it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for us!

OK, so what about those results then?

Well to put it simply the results have been nothing short of superb!

Over the course of three and a half years Grant’s returns have totaled over 543%! You can check the full results spreadsheet here.

That 543% comes from adding up the returns on each individual stock bought and sold, so for example if you had a 7% return on one stock, a 10% return on another and a 5% gain on a third then the total gain would be 22%.

Or to put it another way, if you had bought $1000 of each stock then the total profit would be $5,430.

These results don’t include dividends either which would enhance the returns further. At the same time though, they don’t take into account dealing costs, which would eat into the profits a little bit. Overall though we expect the dividends would outweigh the dealing costs and further profits would have been made.

And what’s even better, 98% of the trades were winning ones! Out of the 49 stocks bought and sold, only one ended up in a loss. That’s a fantastic effort.


Long Term Approach

This is a stockmarket service that is for the long-term, patient investor rather than someone who likes lots of trades each day.

Over the course of our trial the average trading frequency was just two trades per month, so a very low volume of trades. If you are a day trader looking for lots of action then this service probably isn’t what you are looking for.

If however you are someone who is prepared to take a long-term view then you probably couldn’t do much better than this service. Or alternatively, if you are just looking for something that has made a great profit and aren’t too bothered about whether you are trading every day or just twice per month then this could also be for you!

The approach the service takes is to look for value investments in the manner of Warren Buffett and it has clearly paid off handsomely for Mr Gigliotti and his members.


OVERALL VERDICT: PASSED   5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Wealth Builders’ Club is a selective, long-term approach to picking stocks. It is based on hugely detailed and dedicated research and as a member you have access to a wealth of information on stocks.

Our trial followed Grant’s own picks and made a superb 543% profit, or $5,430 if buying $1,000 of each stock (excluding dealing costs and some dividends).

Quite simply those are some of the very best stock-picking returns we have come across anywhere and the fact you can get access to this kind of information for a relatively small monthly membership fee represents great value.

It’s a definite PASSED verdict from us and a five-star ranking for this service. Bravo to Grant on running such a top quality service and long may it continue.

You can get a 14 day trial of Beat the Market Analyzer Wealth Builders’ Club here. 



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