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We are starting a new trial of one of the best-known share tipping services in the UK and that is Midas Share Tips.

Part of the This Is Money financial website, they are one of the most widely-read share tipping services in Britain. We are always interested in looking at these services though as to whether they are actually any good. Millions of people reading the tips is one thing, but are they actually making a profit on their picks and beating the market?

The picks these days appear to made by a lady called Joanne Hart and tend to be made weekly. There are also updates on how some of their previous selections are doing.

It is difficult to garner any sort of long-term track record as they don’t seem to publish one, but there was a look back at some of the best and worst tips of 2021.

From looking through the previous picks they seem quite focused on innovation and have some interesting companies from a variety of different fields including in renewable energy, fuel cells and electric vehicle charging.

Whether those turn out to be winners or duds we will have to wait and see, but certainly the articles usually make for interesting reading and are well researched and written.

This will have to be quite a long-term review to get a proper sense of the service as most of the plays seem to be buy-and-hold picks rather than short-term trades as such. In any event we will record any sell recommendations too if they are made.

So it will be interesting to see if this service does indeed have the “Midas touch” or not…We will record results here as we go along.

You can check out Midas Share Tips for yourself here.



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