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Deep Value Shares is a UK-based share-picking service from a best selling author called Prof. Glen Arnold. It is part of the ADVFN series of newsletters, of which we have previously reviewed Hot Stock Rockets.

We signed up just over a month ago and although there haven’t been any formal recommendations yet, there was one company Prof Arnold was very close to recommending and has provided three detailed articles on.

He has also published no less than six articles on one of the companies in his portfolio – so very thorough analysis.

Helpfully Prof Arnold has also provided details of how his portfolio has been performing. The results have been impressive, with 15 stocks in the portfolio there has been a total return of 690%. which means an average return of 46%.

Out of the 15 stocks, only two were in deficit and those were only by -5% and -3% respectively.

Those results were for 31st March 2022 so will have changed a little since then, but still it’s an impressive return to have made on a UK-centred portfolio given the current market we are in.





Deep Value Shares – New Review

1st April 2022

A while ago we reviewed Hot Stock Rockets, a share-tipping service from the ADVFN website. It performed well during our trial and received a PASSED rating.

ADVFN actually have a range of different newsletters so we thought we would take a look at another one today and that is Deep Value Shares from Professor Glen Arnold.

Prof Arnold is a best-selling author, having written a number of books on investing, the markets and banking. He actually retired from being a tenured professor of finance to concentrate on investing and building his own portfolio, which he felt would be more rewarding. We would tend to agree!

From the value-investing school of thought of those such as Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham, Professor Arnold also uses his knowledge of the academic literature to try and gain an edge in the markets.

As well as getting to follow along with his portfolio, you can also gain insights into investment concepts and analysis as part of this service.

It’s very affordable at just £6.60 per month so one of the lower-cost options on the marketplace in terms of stock tips.

Unfortunately there are no results on the newsletter page of the ADVFN website and having just signed up we can’t see a running portfolio either, so we don’t have any past history to go off but will just have to run the review from scratch and see how it goes.

As ever we will record results as we go along here so you can see how the service is getting on.

In the meantime you can check out Deep Value Shares for yourself here.




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