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There are quite a few things to update on the Angel Business Club (ABC) this month.

Firstly, there is news on a “vaccine in a pill company” the ABC has invested in:


Vaccine in a Pill

There’s a British biotech company in Burgess Hill, UK, who have developed a unique COVID19 vaccine, in a PILL.

This could be an absolute game changer. They have been featured on UK national TV:

Check out the TV coverage out here

They have signed a licensing deal with a big multi-billion dollar U.S. drug company which you can read about here.

And the great news is you can get free shares in this exciting company through the Angel Business Club.

Click here to find out how you can get free shares in this exciting British company.

Clinical trials have started and if successful, could transform the fortunes of this company and the world’s battle with this terrible virus.

For a limited time only, you can get free shares in this company.

Please note you cannot buy these on the stock market as this is a private company. There is only one way we know of to get hold of shares…

And here are the details.


Quarterly Portfolio Update

Just a note that Dominic Berger, the CEO of the Angel Business Club, will be doing the quarterly update on how all the businesses in the ABC portfolio are doing, this Wednesday 20th January at 1800 GMT.

It’s a great opportunity to catch up on how things are going and to ask any questions you may have.

All members can attend the webinar, even if you are a free (non-paying) member, so it’s well worth signing up just to get a flavour of what the ABC is all about and the kind of companies they have invested in.

You can sign up as a free member here.


New Members

We understand from a reliable source that there has been a substantial increase in the ABC membership recently which if true would be great news as it increases the potential investments the Club can make and opens up new avenues to them. We will seek official confirmation of this but if true would be an encouraging sign.



Still no company exits to report via IPOs or trade sales but hopefully we will get some news on any potential exits in the quarterly update from Dominic on Wednesday.


That just about covers it for the moment but we’ll be back soon with any breaking news on the Angel Business Club.

In the meantime you can sign up to the Club here. 




Angel Business Club – Results Update

2nd December 2020

The Angel Business Club (or ABC for short) is a investment scheme that gives free shares to its paying members in a range of early stage companies. It is a little like “Dragons Den” if you have ever seen that TV programme.

We have been members of the club for over three years and have seen a number of companies evolve and develop in that time, with some progressing well and others struggling.

Since our last update in September there haven’t been any major developments in terms of exit events (IPOs or trade sales) for the companies in the ABC portfolio. One of the companies, a tonic producer, is running an equity raise (on separate crowdfunding platforms) to help fund new premises and a marketing campaign.

As mentioned previously, the ABC is a platform for the very long-term minded investor. The companies are generally expected to take 5-10 years to go from early stage to an exit event, so if you want to see a return on your investment you have to be prepared to potentially wait that long. The other option is to sell your shares on the secondary market on the platform, but that would usually be at a loss to the price on allocation.

Hopefully 2021 will see some positive developments in terms of exit events and the ABC will have some success stories to talk about.

In the meantime though, the good news is you can currently get an Advent Calendar for €99 which contains €215 worth of shares, so a great deal and well worth checking out for members (but only a maximum of 100 are left so time is limited).

If you are not a member yet you can join the Angel Business Club and take advantage of this offer here.





Angel Business Club – Results Update

13th September 2020

The Angel Business Club (or ABC for short) is a investment scheme that gives free shares to its paying members in a range of early stage companies. It is a little like “Dragons Den” if you have ever seen that TV programme.

We have been members of the Club for nearly three years now and have seen a number of ups and downs over that time. It is a little more difficult to provide results for this service in the same way as our other reviews as the positions normally take many years to play out.

The one clear result we can give since we started this review however is that one of the companies they gave free shares in has since floated on the stock market (IPO’d) and seen its shares increase by over 300%. Free shares were originally allocated at 2.25p and were trading at 9p per share on Friday. So that has been a very good result.

Another promising development is that one of the companies in the portfolio has signed a deal with one of the world’s biggest financial service companies. This could produce huge revenues in the future if they are able to execute on the plans and could result in a buyout further down the line. Time will tell if it all plays out as hoped but it is very encouraging news. For reasons of confidentiality we are not able to reveal the names of either company but we understand an announcement will be made shortly.

In terms of the other companies in the portfolio, most appear to be doing well and one is about to do a fundraising at a 350% increase on the share price of a year ago, which is obviously very good progress. They have appointed a new CEO who has a wealth of experience and have done a rebranding of their products ahead of planned launches in UK shops.

On the other hand one portfolio company has gone into administration and will be restructured. It seemed to suffer particularly badly from the covid crisis, whilst most of the other portfolio companies appear to have weathered it OK so far.

Overall then it has been positive progress from the companies in our ABC portfolio, although with only one clear result to report.

You can check out the Angel Business Club for yourself here.





Angel Business Club – New Review

12th April 2020

Today we are starting a new review of a passive income scheme called the Angel Business Club. It has been running for a number of years having started in 2015 and invests in early stage businesses. The Club has 14,000 members across 40 countries, with active memberships in particular in the UK, France and Sweden.

If you’ve ever seen the show “Dragons’ Den,” it’s a little bit like that, with the Angel Business Club (or ABC for short) picking the companies to invest in. As part of your membership you receive free shares in those companies, as well as getting invitations to events, group meet-ups, webinars and receiving a plethora of other advice and info.

The kind of companies they invest in include:

  • A company making zero-calorie tonics and beverages;
  • A company with a smartphone app allowing businesses to take payments on their phones;
  • A company with a revolutionary fire safety product;
  • A company making state-of-the-art ambulances.

There are a number of other companies in a range of sectors, all with breakthrough technologies or ideas. The hope from the Angel Business Club’s point of view is that at least one of these companies makes it big and provides a substantial return to shareholders.

The other aspect of the business is the social side of it, giving members the opportunity to meet, network and exchange ideas, knowledge and skills with each other. There is also an educational side to the ABC with guides and webinars around investing and business.

With the companies being invested in at an early stage of their development, with some even being start-ups, this is a venture for the long-term minded rather than those looking for a “quick buck” as it were. Most of the opportunities will take years to play out and realise their full potential, so patience is required for members of the club. If one of the businesses does really make it though that patience could be well rewarded.

With this being a long-term venture, we will accordingly run a long-term review of the Club to provide enough time for the opportunities to play out, but will provide regular updates on how things are progressing so you can see what is happening at the Club.

In the meantime you can check out the Angel Business Club for yourself here. 



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