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The year 2015 was Laurie Inman’s year of fame. He featured in various newspapers as the 25-year-old city trader who earned £1 million a year. He is a stereotypical trader of his era. Rarely does he wear a suit, he mostly prefers to wear jeans and a t-shirt. His badge of honour is a Porsche, which of course goes with the territory.

Today Lawrie Inman has recently turned 36. He came from Camberley in Surrey and graduated from Swansea University in Business in 2011. His specialisation is buying and selling the five-year German government bond market, Bobl or “bundesobligationen.”

Calling It Right

Fond of taking significant trading positions, a movement of one point in the market is worth to him around £10,000 either as a win or a loss. Fortunately, it is mostly the former. He has a reputation for being particularly good at predicting the market directions correctly. In one famous trade made while listening to a speech by Jean-Claude Trichet, the European Central Bank president, he made £700,000 profit.

It is worth looking at that trade a little further. Inman said that central banks talk to the markets in code. Certain words indicate whether they are going to increase interest rates. One of these code words is “Vigilance”. If the word isn’t used, there is a reasonable chance that rates won’t be increased. When Inman listened to Trichet, he noticed the absence of the word “Vigilance”, so he immediately “maxed out” of his long position. He took a considerable bet buying the market. The rates didn’t go up, everybody wanted to buy, the market spiked, and Inman netted his £700,000 windfall.

Ego as Motivation

To Inman, much of his motivation is based on ego. He says that the financial side of trading is not as crucial as being proved right and knowing that you did the right thing.

While he works at Marex Financial Services, the deal is he retains 90% of the profits he makes on his trades. Marex provides him with a base, a trading desk, and other services based on a profit-sharing deal.

Inman became a multi-millionaire when he was just 25, and he was considered to be one of the world’s top 30 traders under 30.

For fun, he likes fast cars (he drives a Porsche 911) and football which he plays most Saturday afternoons. He plays to a reasonably high standard having played for his old university, and he has also played for a team in the Welsh league. When playing for Swansea University, the team went on to win the national university football championship.

Professional Poker Player

As well as being a highly successful trader, Inman is also a keen poker player which he has played to a professional standard. One of his many ventures was founding the Buffalo Club which organises London based poker tournaments.

He also has an equestrian interest and is the proud owner of six racehorses. He says that the skills needed to succeed at poker are very similar to those required to succeed at trading. Some days when trading he can be sitting at his desk, making all the right moves and making lots of money, yet on other days he can be doing the same and finding he has been “kicked in the knackers”. It’s “just like poker,” he says.

Lawrie has twin brothers Matt and Jack, two years Lawrie’s junior. Matt also trades on Bobl. Their father was a taxi driver. Both parents have now moved to Spain, where his father runs a betting business. Lawrie’s great grandfather was a bookmaker.

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